SAL Part One

let's get this party started!!

here's part one of my scrap bash stitch-a-long.

i am using my scraps and have made a big dent so far :)i can actually latch the lid on my scrap bucket now. i pull from my scrap bucket first, then dig into my stash as needed. my plan is to not buy any fabric at all for this quilt.

here's the intro post....or you can click on the SAL logo over there in the side menu---->

you'll also want to refer to my no waste flying goose tutorial...i'll be using this method for FG throughout the entire SAL unless otherwise noted...

here is a picture of the ruler i bought years ago and am finding it useful for this SAL. it's handy cause it is marked with the 7/8inch measurements. very handy for cutting up scraps for all the HSTs and Flying geese we'll be making.

any questions or concerns, let me know....


  1. Got the ruler, printed the info.....ready to go. Is the value placement of light and dark in the block combos going to be important to the layout? Or can I make some one way and some the other.

    1. you can make some one way and some the other. i am planning on a loose 50/50 dispersion with a hig contrast of fabrics in all blocks.

      for those that are wondering- you could also do all lights as the 'backgrounds' or all darks- it will not matter in the final quilt.

  2. Fun! I had to tell you.... You had a post about some rainbow New Balance shoes back in November (?), which was the most amazing shoe ever!!! My mother-in-law got them for me for Christmas, which was the best gift I'd received in years! Just wanted to say thanks, because I never would have known!

  3. This sounds like so much fun. But I have to say that it will be a challenge to me since I really work well with symetry and color/value control. But I am going to try to work with scraps and stash completely....even if it kills me. ;-)

  4. Love the blocks, and goodness knows I have lots and lots of scraps!

  5. I can add this darn ruler to my list of "you own - why don't you use it!" HOW DO YOU USE IT? ;)


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