i got bored

i needed a change....i've been sporting my red hair for over a decade and i wanted something different looking back at me from the mirror...

so i had my red 'updated' and dyed the underneath blue.

but a tip- if you are going to have a friend photo the new do- wear a shirt that isn't the same color :)

♫ i'm smurf-y and i know it ♫


  1. hehe :D I love it when people do the unexpected and jazz life up. My 14yo is eagerly awaiting summer because I told her, "Yes," we can dye the underneath of her hair something outrageous for the season (school won't let them have "unnatural" hair colors).

  2. Que hermoso azul!!!!no nos estará engañando usted? y sera un ser de AVATAR?

    1. grais! prometo que no soy de Pandora... sólo quería coincidir con mis ojos!

  3. Cute! My granddaughter did blue hair one year. Her color faded so that by St. Pat's day it was green. She was right in sync with the holiday. She did red last Christmas. She just colored over the pink.

  4. That is SO YOU, Shannon! Love it!

  5. Cute! You and Jeannie Mai, the host of "How Do I Look" who also has part-blue hair. I think it looks nice!

  6. Good luck keeping the blue. My daughter's blue and purple turned a gray color with in a few short weeks.


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