January 2012 block swap

okay here's the link (link disabled) for the .pdf directions. i included all the answers to all the questions i got asked and included all the info for ones who have never participated in a block swap.... *i think* 

there is no 'sign-up list' just make the blocks and mail them to me...open to all who want to play.

DEADLINE- they must be at my house by March 31st, 2012. 

i hope to get them swapped and the squishies released back into the wild before tax day (april 15th)

any questions- let me know. email addie over --->

this will be one gorgeous quilt, and i think many will be sorry they didn't do it when they see the finished top, just saying....

happy stitching!

ETA:  just a real quick tip: when you sew the corner units to the "PLUS" units, the seam from the flip and sew white corner will not line up to the plus fabric and white seam on the raw edge of the pieces. they will match up however 1/4inch in from the raw edge. this is important to keep from losing points....i meant to add this to the instructions, but forgot.


  1. I love this block! I may have to make this one after I get a few other projects done!

  2. They have moved tax day to the 17th so that should give you a couple extra days.
    I would love to play along on this one. It will make a gorgeous quilt.

  3. just t o reiterate...we are using 30's repro fabrics???? didn't find that mentioned in this post that includes the directions.

  4. yes, we are using good quality 30s reproductions

  5. I love this quilt and I'm a big 30's fan. I'm thinking of playing along--like I don't already have a ton of other projects.

  6. Hey Shannon... all my 30's fabrics are half yards or fat quarters... is it OK if my blocks are not all the same?

  7. Shannon, Like Kim S, I was wondering if all 30 blocks must be the same? I have lots of 30's but not in yard pieces. I'm interested if I can use some of my fat quarters and half yard pieces and do 30 blocks that are not all the same. thanks, Kathie L in Allentown

  8. very cute! saw the post on yellowbird cottage and had to pop over to see what's up!! =)


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