BOM star

Roxane picked up her quilt this week. It is a BOM from the LQS. i just realized it was my first customer finish for 2012!

After putting around 50 hours into a show quilt around christmas, this was a nice break. i'll share pictures after it's debut *promise*

there was a sliver of sunlight coming thru the window and i tried to be all artsy with the photo....

my favorite- feathers in the border....


  1. Total gorgeousness! Congratulations on your first finish for 2012!

  2. So pretty, but I especially admire those feathers. I'm gonna try them - sit-down style - on my next mission quilt. Thanks for sharing close-ups.

  3. congratulations on your first finish.It`s absolutely awesome!

  4. Wow! Look at those feathers! How do you do that? LOL. I'll have to start drawing them so I can quilt them into my quilt someday. (And I hope that someday is soon!)


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