October Block Lotto

for October, the chosen block is bonnie hunter's scrappy trip around the world and how could i resist! the only requirement is that the fabric that is on the one diagonal read as dark, preferably black.

i like little hidden things in 'scrappy' quilts like this one, so i tired to use a novelty print as one of the strips in each block...

this is fun thing to do...go over and have a look. participants are from all over the globe.

remember my 'Echoes of Color' quilt? it uses this block.  after making that quilt, i was all "count me in" in this month's block lotto.

i am in love with the style of quilt the block produces! scrappy goodness overload *grin*

i actually considered the black diagonal for this quilt, but ended up not doing it...

i usually don't make the same quilt twice, but if i don't win the blocks, i might have to make another quilt with the black diagonal....


  1. Gorgeous - both the block and the finished quilt!

  2. Oh, the block lotto sounds like loads of fun! I sent an email to hopefully be included! I wish I would have known about this before, what a great idea. LOVE this block, so hopefully I can get some done to include in the lotto!

  3. I've made a couple of these, and I think the prettiest one has a center stripe of Red thru it. And you know....I gave it away!

  4. I liked yours so well that I just had to try one for myself since I needed a break from the 50th anniversary quilt! Love how yours turned out! CindyT


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