busy bee

i killed a couple of flimsies last week....

vickie picked up her black and gold BOM
i custom quilted it
detail of the center.....i love the feathers!
kathy took home two:
first her presents quilt
i quilted it with my E2E i call 'cotton candy'. it's my version of the '3s and Es' design
and her red and green wall hanging
it presented some unique and fun quilting challenges
theresa picked up her jacob's ladder quilt
it's to be a Christmas present for her brother. there are quilted words that are meaningful to both her and her brother. i hid them so well, we had a hard time finding them when she picked it up.
after piecing the back of my halloween quilt, i had just enuf fabric left over to make a pair of pillow cases. i found the perfect! cuff fabric in my stash.

i went to Joann's this weekend to pick up a couple things to finish some projects, and i found more of the buzzard fabric (i named the buzzard Elmer, he looks like an Elmer) so i'm the proud owner of 3 more yards of it. now i have another future holiday UFO *giggle*
and my husband *grin* sent me some floral love today! thank you honey, i love you back

we are only 3 followers away from the pouch giveaway...

speaking of milestones! i almost forgot- friday was my seven year anniversary as a long armer...SEVEN years!!! (that's alot of thread) i quilted my first 'payfer' quilt on November 4th, 2004. thank you to all my talented customers who have allowed me the honor of quilting their quilts...i can't wait to see what the future holds!


  1. some great quilts there!

  2. Beautiful quilting and gorgeous quilts. Congrats on making the 7 year mark, that's quite an achievement!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. Looking at your quilting is always such an inspiration . You give me such much to aspire to. (bad English, I know).

  4. Your quilting is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. OK Shannon I will admit that I too read your blog! NOW only 2 away from your goal!

  6. Ok, I am ready for time sharing, I don't have enough, Love your"3's and E's" design.


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