thank you to all the soldiers, veterans and active duty, for defending my freedom. thank you to the families for their sacrifices in support of those soldiers.

i want to share my newest quilt!!

i wanted to get out of the house this week, so lisa hosted another sew-in at her house. i finished my to-go quilt 'Weedwacker', and didn't have anything readily portable to take. then it hit me....

i had all those way-extra strips i cut for for Echoes and caroline mentioned on my halloween UFO finish post about the moda bake shop pattern that used 2.5" strips to make a neat spiderweb quilt, so i grabbed all my fassett strips and of to lisa's we went (barney is welcomed as well).

i spent the afternoon sewing strips together and cutting 60degree triangles...so in the afternoon i stopped and laid out some triangles on the background. we had to run up to the walkway and look over to get a better idea....L.U.V!  so more strip sets were sewn.

this is what i have so far, and i have decided to make it bigger, so this weekend i might sew some more strip sets (lord knows i have the strips).

i found the perfect border lurking in The Stash....rotary cutter for scale.

it's going to be a fun quilt!!

yesterday Nemo was treated to a spa day.

his old shoes were replaced by the new M&M Wheels from APQS. what a lovely difference!

i would of took pictures, but i don't think you'd been able to see thru the mess. the machine and frame had to be partially deconstructed, and it's tight in my studio to begin with.... 
since i had nemo out of the frame and upside down i decided to repacked the grease in his bobbin box (it was needed) and now he purrs. he's like a whole different machine!

there's so much more to LAing than stitching....there's all this maintainence stuff that needs to be done too...


  1. I made a Halloween quilt top with that pattern, it was fun to do! I'm gonna have to make another one for sure (non-Halloween!)

  2. that quilt looks even prettier in these photos. i downloaded the pattern so i can make one someday.

    i tried to post to this using google reader, which ii just started using to read all my favorite quilty blogs. so, anyway, what i wound up doing was 1+ this post, whatever that means. thought you should know just in case it's a faux pas on my part. i am one sorry internet mess, aren't i?

    ps - i'm very nervous about those new wheels....but i'm gonna do it anyway.

  3. I love your spiderweb quilt!! I saw the pattern over at moda & wondered what it would look like in non-halloween fabric... now I know & it looks awesome! :)

  4. Love the bright colors in this fun quilt!

  5. I changed my wheels last year, and what a difference it made!

  6. I got those wheels recently too. They made a huge difference!

  7. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    it is a superb quilt . I thought about something like a merry -go -round. In my childhood I was fascinated by the colours and the movement of the merry-go-round
    michele picard


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