wedding blocks- last call

here's the collection so far....i'm asking that if you are planning on making one (or more) to send, i would like to have them by the end of October, please. i'm anxious to get this one finished!!!

do you see yours??? see elvis??

i'm having way too much fun!!!

the fabric for barney's block i was looking for arrived and i got the both dogs' blocks done

barneys' block

barney is a tennis ball freak...he even sleeps with one

 lucky's turned out cool.
he's the old man of the pack. he may not be able to keep up with barney, but he sets his own pace and catches up eventually.....and doesn't miss a tree to pee on


  1. The wedding quilt blocks is so colourful and happy!

  2. I want to make you one more and I am still planning it but since I am leaving tomorrow am for Maryland and will be gone for 2 weeks I probably wont get it to you by the end of October. I shall still try... I will design it and then do it after I get back... if it isn't enough time for the top, you can always put it on the back after you get it quilted. Love the quilt so far.

  3. Your quilt is going to be AWESOME and I love the fur babies' blocks (and pictures!)! CindyT


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