star blocks

i can't assume that you read every quilt blog out there, so you might not have read about john'alee's quilt building effort or her call for help.

you can read about the story here and here (you might want to have some tissues close), and the block info is here and here's a picture of what she's gotten so far. there's more posts, once at her blog you can look around and read all the posts.....
i made four 8inch blocks and sent them last month...i forgot to take a picture, so i borrowed the one from her blog.

she has received enuf blocks for two quilts and she's making five (?)

she has extended the deadline to the end of November so, i made six 12inch blocks...

perhaps you could spare some time for a block or two???


  1. Love your blocks... both the 1st set and the 2nd! I'm sure John'aLee will appreciate them...

  2. I love your star blocks!!

  3. Love your star blocks. What a clever idea.

  4. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me out...and for posting about Our Lost Soldier Boy Quilt Project! Can't wait to receive your blocks.
    Sending hugs...

  5. You can send a quilt to my shop and I will quilt for you. Quilt Lizzy in Warrenton NC. Page on FB has location -glad to help.


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