what is that smell?

i love it when barney hangs with me in the studio.

i don't like it when barney's belly is upset and he has gas....*stank!* my studio is in the basement and has no air current, so smells hang- just like the green clouds in cartoons

poor noodle....

do they make a canine Activa?..... i'll be running to petco for some wheat grass and maybe some cottage cheese in his food tonight....would yogurt help?


  1. Yogurt actually is good for dogs! Try to make sure Barney is getting enough exercise too. We have a 200 lb English Mastiff with the same problem and have found that on days that we walk him more, the gas problem is lessened. FWIW

  2. We used to blame it on the dog too, but we know who REALLY cut the cheese!~

  3. Put a fan in the hallway that is turned so the blades pull the air out of the LA room... not sure about how you will get air put back in the room if you pull it all out............


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