stitch, stitch, stitchin' away

i wanted to share a couple applique blocks i did this weekend to add to our wedding quilt.
first a pair of pears (a perfect pair- hey just like davis and me *wink* get it?)
a cute little flower medallion
and our initials....

i'm really stoked about his one. i was wanting it to look like they were carved on a tree...and they do!! *sweet*

i have a bunch more planned and five cut out- ready to stitch.

(i'm not showing off- i do hand work while watching TV (and to keep me from eating) and i had some stuff i needed to watch to get it off the DVR....)


  1. love all 3 of your blocks... the pear block is great... super choice of fabrics for the pears.

  2. I love the blocks. You really were able to capture the look of initials in a tree. Your quilt is going to be fabulous.

  3. The last one is my favorite! I want one:)

  4. Your evening "therapy" seems to be working for you and it is beautiful.

  5. Looks awesome I think I like the tree the best, no no the pairs the best, wait a minute the tree. No the pairs. Ok both equally.

  6. Neat blocks! I love the Pear block the best!
    Quilting by the River


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