wedding blocks

two of my friends, Angela and Linda, got alot of my long arming friends together to make blocks to send to me for a quilt in celebration of my recent nuptials.

it was a nice surprise to open envelopes and find blocks. i was a little confused why i got three random blocks, then, i figured it out *smarter than the average bear* a couple phone calls and i found the culprits *grin*

i've asked both of them and they are okay with me extending the invitation to my blogland friends *clap*

if you want to participate, just send me an email (half_square (at) hotmail (dot) com) and i'll send you my snail mail address if you need it. the blocks need to finish at 9inches and you can make as many as you would like in any colors and design you find appropriate..the only thing i ask is that you don't sign your block, just attach or include a piece of paper with your info (name city state) with your block.

if you need some help finding a block, quilters cache has a lot of 9inch finished blocks here, just scroll down a little to the middle of the page...

thunkya thunkya verymuch

linda sent me some vegas fabric (with a velvet elvis card!) and angela sent me elvis fabric...i dug out my elvis fabric and was surprised how much i already had. plus VIP just released a new elvis theme collection (how's that for coincidence?) and i have bought yardage of it...this is goning to be one hunka hunka cool quilt... uhuhuhuh

ETA: #1. apparently everyone already knew about angela's 9inch block party....
#2. this post does NOT partain to vicky m's 12inch block 'secret squirrel' ...
who knew it could be so confusing....*sorry*


  1. I confess that a little birdie told me what was up and I passed the info on to everyone on the Block Lotto September sneak peek list (except you!) You might see some blocks from familiar characters from the Block Lotto community (including me ... if I can get my act together ;-)

  2. For those of you who are asking, No this is not the same as the project Vickie has going on.
    Doodlebug, you will just have to wait.

  3. Congrats Shannon!! I didn't know you were getting married!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!


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