i'm a wienner!

i play along with sophie over at the block lotto and august was my first time playing! the chosen block was an african violet month and i immediately knew how i'd quilt the blocks, so i made my nine and entered...and i won!!!

my violet patch is growing! i have started to get the blocks in the mail....today i got 3 from new zealand!

i'm thinking about a green prairie point border *shrug* i do know that i plan on hanging it in the guest room and renaming it the violet room :)

September's block was a pieced curved rail fence and these are my nine entries. *fingers crossed*

i also got two more 9inch wedding blocks today...when i get some more, i'll post a picture...i'm being lazy today

speaking of blocks- i plan on swapping the blocks for the swap this week. i'll post when i have released the squishies back into the wild...thanks for the patience...life is starting to calm down a bit...

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  1. Is there a tutorial around for the piecing of those curved rail-fence blocks? I'm always on the look-out for accurate methods of curved piecing!


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