vegas part two- what we did

we were only in vegas for four days and two of those were filled with wedding stuff, and out flight out thursday was early so we really only had bits and pieces of two days to do 'stuff' wednesday evening we did a horseback ride through the desert- that post is later...

this is Paris Paris across the street from the Bellagio.

this is my favorite postcard shot!
(i get to see the real Eiffel tower next year!!!)

everyone told us vegas was hot- and it was. BUT the humidity was barely 10%. so it is a much more tolerable heat. we are used to 100 degree heat WITH 60% plus humidity...BIG difference! in vegas, standing in the shade is actually cooler...oh- there's no bugs!! no mosquitoes, gnats, flies NOTHING! you don't have to take a bath in Off to not get eat-n-up! that was nice!

we did walk a bit of the strip. we found a guy that runs a exotic reptile rescue and had this guy with him. this is norbert. he is a 5 year old black tongue monitor. his native home is central Africa. they can live to be 25 years old and weight in at 50 pounds.

i got excited when i was told i could actually hold him for pictures! a lady walking by thought it was fake, so norbert flicked his tail to show he was real and i thought she was going faint...

if you rubbed his head between his eyes, he would go to sleep...davis said i had to leave him there and i couldn't have one when we got back home *crap* norbert was cool.

we were walking through the casino and stopped to watch the action at a roulette table. a gentleman looked at me and smiled and i wished him luck...he won and gave me $2.50...gamblers are so superstitious

we went down to freemont street and found two 'showgirls' freemont street is considered downtown vegas. it was worth the trip. lots of street performers and artists...

one thing we learned is that vegas has really good (inexpensive) public transportation. for $7 you get an all access pass for 24hours to ride any of the transit. There's a double deck er bus called the Deuce that services only the strip stopping at every casino.

there's also a bus that services all the outlet malls...and then the regular buses.

it paid for us to look at all the stops and schedules online once we learnt this trick...much cheaper than taxis! when we go back (anniversary) we will rent a car tho, as none of the quilt shops are on any of the routes...

Freemont is where the skywalk is (called the Freemont Str Experience). it was awesome. they have recently added a zipline and had i not just eaten, i would of done can barely see two zipliners in the picture.

when we go back i want to do the repel off the Stratosphere.

we stopped at a restaurant to eat at freemont str and davis ordered a double cheese hamburger. needless to say, we were both surprised at what came out on the is TWO grilled cheese sandwiches with the hamburger between!

it was 6 inches tall! davis eventually took off two slices of bread from each grilled cheese to eat it.

i played it safe and got bacon and eggs...the hash browns were delicious...i didn't get pictures cause *nom nom* it gone

tomorrow- our sunset horseback ride through the desert...


  1. I have been to Vegas and the people on the crowded and it was 106 when we were there....but glad you enjoyed yourself, very memorable wedding.

  2. Horseback ride through the desert definitely sounds like the best thing of all. Even beats the wedding in my book!


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