vegas part three- sunset horseback ride

wednesday evening we were picked up at the hotel and taken to a ranch in the desert for a sunset horseback ride.

i love horses and instantly felt at home and in my element

i rode a beautiful palomino named Stardust and davis rode a big grey Percheron mix named Goliath.

we met a nice couple from birmingham england and their two young daughters. the father was very cheeky and the two girls were totally taken with me. the three of us were inseparable.

 this was 'camp' we ate here after the ride.

very pretty...see our guide?

we saw alot of rabbits, but no snakes. we actually had a trail dog that ran ahead to keep the trail free of snakes...
this is one of the girls on our ride....that's how she showed up to go riding. yes those are stilletto heels and a miniskirt...needless to say there was some giggling on the bus.

but i will say this- she got on the back of her horse and didn't complain once. she did ask me if she should change shoes. i told her she might want to....she ended up in flat gold lame gucci shoes.
our guides were a father/son team. after we ate, the father showed us some lasso tricks. the son showed us how to throw a lasso, and it's alot harder than it looks....

other than the wedding, this was my favorite bit of our trip.

speaking of wedding- that's tomorrow...right now we're keeping an eye on the TV. we have a strong rotation cloud (tornado) really close to us...two tornadoes were spotted on the ground and the sirens keep going off.....*scary*


  1. Looks like a fun time. Love the stilettos and patterned hose for a horseback ride.

    Take cover. We are in a "watch" area and expect it to go back to warning any time now. The TV weathermen are in their element during this type of storm.

  2. So exciting to read about your adventure! Waiting patiently for the wedding photo reveal!!

  3. I LOVE that you took a pic of stiletto girl to show us!!!! LOL! What a fun entertaining wedding too. Congrats ;-).


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