we had SEX during a FART

i bet that title grabbed your attention *giggle*

me, lisa, and barb has a Stash Expanding eXperience while on a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip.  *rim shot* bada-bing!  sometimes i worry about me....
couple weeks ago, we drove down to A Scarlet Thread in McDonough and stopped by Quilts' n Fixins in Jonesboro on the way back (no pictures. they were having their BOM pickup day and it was really crowded)

this was my first time to AST after they moved.....OMG- the mothership returned to take me home!!

this is a small section of their batiks *drool*

i bought some fabric- my second favorite color is camo, so i couldn't resist those. AST has a large table of yard cuts that if you buy 5 or more they cost $5/ea, so i found some good stash builders in there...my favorite- the strawberries..the two oranges on the top right came from Quilts n Fixins


  1. You made me spit my seltZer water all oveR my keyBoaRD!!!!!~

  2. you would of receieved a "10" from the german judge if said seltzer water came out of your nose


  3. Now that's my kind of KINKY!


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