do you feel that?

i went to drop my wedding dress for alterations and across the street was a mcdonald's. i'm sitting in the drive through when i noticed that the truck was subtly moving. the truck has been idling rough and acts like it wants to jump the brakes. usually just letting it inch a bit forward stops this....hmm, it's still shaking.

i'll tell you exactly what it felt like- it felt like when i sit at a redlight on the bridge over I75 and you can feel the bridge move a bit from all the 18wheelers going under. i know that i'm sitting on slab concrete....*eyebrow knit*.....wth?

couple weeks ago i was sick with the ear infection, feels like vertigo. a quick swallow- nope...hmmm....

we live close to a rock quarry and on wednesday they blast, but at this point it's lasted too long and it's not wednesday....hmmm...

i turn off the radio- nope, i'm wasn't feling any i'm confused...oh well, it's my turn to order...*nom nom burger*

this was right before 2:00 yesterday.

i get home and watch fox news- an earthquake??? huh? well, that explains it...i'm not jumping on the OMG-we-had-an-earthquake panic bus, but i'm kinda glad that i decided to stop for a double hamburger otherwise i would of missed it.


  1. We felt it all the way up here in London. Both my husband and I asked each other, "did you feel that?" Very freaky!

  2. Welcome to my world. :-)


  3. i WAS home and i DID miss it.
    my son also napped right thru it.
    my hubs was at work and called me immediately to make sure i was ok.
    thought he was crazy til i watched the news myself.
    earthquake nin syracuse...who knew???

  4. We did miss it here in Iowa, but that's fine by me. What a relief to know that no one suffered, though I understand lots of building are needing patching and even structural repairs. Thank God, truly, that it wasn't worse. Hope you enjoyed your "nom nom burger."

  5. I had the exact same thing happen at a red light about ten years ago. Was a hundred miles from home running an errand with the kids and was afraid that something was going wrong with my old car. Then I found out it was an earthquake and realized how many big bridges I'd have to drive over to get home.


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