being a girl is lots of work....

those who know me physically, know i'm not a girly girl nor anywhere close to high maintance. a clean tshirt, blue jeans, and my tevas (cowboy boots in the winter) is my everyday uniform. with all the bridal 'pretty-fi-cation' rituals i've been through this week alone i feel feminie and extremely girly. *scary*

let's see, what all have i done...
-bought a dress!!! i haven't worn a dress since i was like 8...easter maybe...
-shopped- period. for shoes, purse, jewelry, underwear, hair accesories *whew* and none of it was purchased at the same store. i have no patience with malls or stores. i'm a know-what-i-want-and-where-it's-at kindda shopper
-professional haircut, usually self done with my best 'paper' scissors whenever the ends look straw-y
-manicure AND pedicure, where i was told that i should do that every month. the lady that did my pedicure was not happy with my 'callouses' *shrug* sorry
-spray tan...word of wisdom- close your mouth...(that's good advice for just about any situation really)
-getting fitted for undergarments for the's true, ladies, we wear the wrong size...and a spanx suit should be registered as a modern day miralce by the pope in rome...bye bye muffin top
-home i glow (and everyone will think i'm pregnant *snicker*)
-teeth whitening
-TMI, but i have no hair where it's socially unacceptable and then some- 'nuff said...

bless his heart, davis actually noticed. his eyes lit up, "you look like a girl" as opposed to what??? thanks honey... i'll try to remember to shave more often *snort*

it's been fun playing dress up, but i'm already looking forward to coming home and slipping back into some camo *grin* hunting season starts soon.....


  1. you, my pretty, are ADORABLE anyway you chose to be....hairy or bald, fluffy or camo, or anything in between. i've never met you but just know it - beauty comes from within, after all.
    i hope you & davis have the most wonderfulest of times and make a PERFECTLY FABULOUS wedding memory together. remember, you only get to make this memory once, so enjoy every minute!
    i just know you will....

  2. Such a fun post - this is REAL life!

  3. oh, you SO sound like ME! I haven't wore a dress in YEARS either. I don't do make-up anymore (allergies helped make that decision though), my hair is wash-n-wear, and give me a clean t-shirt and a pair of jeans and Romeo's and I'm good to go :) Camo is my favorite pattern to wear too, hehe. Deer season (archery) starts Sept. 1st here too - I can't wait!

  4. Oh my gosh. Happy for you, but don't think I could go through all that.... 36 years ago we went to Nevada and I got married in a pair of jeans...and they were not even new! I probably shaved my legs, can't remember for sure....
    I do get points for a new shirt and my jeans were clean! Enjoy.

  5. I went through all that last year for my wedding. I haven't worn a dress since, nor had my hair cut. My day was perfect, I wish the same for you.

  6. cant wait to see pictures... you better get lots of them.... so happy for you....will see you real soon

    love ya and have lotsa fun

  7. will be worth it but I am all it all but don't do it. I do dress up but none of that other stuff.

  8. Sounds like torture to me! Now you don't want your sweetie to get used to this kind of nonsense do you?!?!?

  9. You funny girl (said with accent)! I agree with everything Meg said! Enjoy the rest of your wedding experience and the married years of your life! Can't wait for the pictures! Will we recognize you??? ;-) CindyT

  10. Sometimes all of the pinch/poke/dressing up is fun and so worth it. Have a good time!

  11. We want pictures! We want pictures! We want pictures!

  12. Can't wait to see the pictures, Shannon!

  13. You will be gorgeous!

    Linda C.

  14. I really enjoyed reading this post! Enjoy your wedding and then come home and get comfortable!

  15. Yeah, that was TMI my friend! Take lots of pictures and enjoy your wedding festivities. Ditto on the spanx. Do schedule that monthly pedicure and be sure to spring for the super duper deluxe version every so often. Talk to you soon.


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