a finished quilt and some retail therapy

roxanne came to pick up her retreat mystery quilt. i had to take it's picture with the sun shining on it...

i was Intown Quilters this pass weekend and my resolved melted when i saw these fat quarters. i couldn't leave them behind. i'm starting to notice my preferred fabric colors directly correlate with what ever season is approaching...that's my story any way :)

they join these previous adopted fat quarters (on the left) for a yet undesigned quilt. i'm leaning towards a simple large HST with kona ash quilt. i've seen some nice HSTquilts in blogland and find myself inspired. if i liked making QST, i'd do that, but i like the endless layout possibilities if HST.

i took the baby squirrels to a rehabber last night and report that they are in the perfect hands! they were alittle dehydrated, but that was to be expected. she said they would be fine. it was hard to let all that cuteness go, but i know from previous experience- cute doesn't last and squirrels are destructive as pets. i have enough critters already and i don't trust barney....


  1. Love the new font and as for those fabrics Yuummm. Look forward to seeing what you do with that fruity mixture. Liz X

  2. Great fabric set - Can't wait to see what you end up doing with them.

  3. Love the new font...how'd you do it???


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