weekend review

what a FUN! weekend!

davis and i had the whole hunting club to ourselves! all 1000+ acres of it! that was a first.

it was cccoooolllldddd, so we had a nice roaring fire
we woke up early saturday morning and got into our hunting stands in time to listen to the woods wake up. that is something to experience!

davis killed a black coyote early saturday morning. i was so hoping that the early shot meant a big buck, but a rare black coyote at an impossible 110 yard+ shot would do just fine. i walked down to his area and saw where his shot. i swear, that bullet must've zig zagged through the trees. there was some bushy stuff so thick you could barely see his stand thru it. yay- another fawn and turkey killer taken out of the woods.

couple hours later i had the oppurtunity to take a doe. it was an easy shot between the pine trees at around 50 yards. since we are teaching Barney to deer track, we went and got him from camp and loaded him on the trailer and off to get my doe.
barney found her in seconds flat (what a nose!) good shot placement meant she didn't go far and we have some meat in the freezer and i removed a potential hood ornament from the world.

sunday was extrememly windy, so we sleep in. davis went to put new batteries in his game camera, and i stayed and started packing up camp.

all loaded up and ready to get home to a warm bed and a hot shower!

a beautiful sunset was our company during the ride home!

it's monday, so back to work. i have some quilt stuff to share later!


  1. bertiequiltsDecember 06, 2010

    congrats..,. glad you were able to restock your freezer... me I was out and about with friends on Saturday... we went to a new and really great quilt shop in Cumming, GA. Beautful fabrics and really lots of them plus a huge selection of Aurifil thread.

  2. You are so lucky!!! I want to shoot one so bad but I just don't know if it is gonna happen. (gotta think positive, right?) Wow. What fun. I never heard of a black coyote!!! You both are good!!! Congrats!

  3. Glad it was so successful. 1000 acres all to yourself is a wonderful treat!

  4. yay for meat in the freezer!

  5. i understand and honor that this is YOUR blog- your place to brag, share your work, etc.. and i love visiting everyday for your gorgeous quilts- but the dead animals might send me packing :(

  6. Yeay...we've got venison in the freezer too.....

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  7. Hey girl. Good shooting!! Both of you. I've never heard of a black coyote either (can't wait till my hubby sees your pic) so I'm sure glad you posted your days reward. There's just nothing like a good day hunting that's for sure. I do miss it (worn out joints limit me now) so it's fun to share in your day.

  8. Wow you are brave, I talked about having to kill a Brown Snake inside my house once and got some people very upset.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time, I love camping, that time first thing in the morning is just the most special.

  9. This absolutely cracks me up - You make these absolutely gorgeous... beautiful amazing quilts, with perfectly perfect quilting . AND you hunt??? That's frikkin spectacular! YOu now have a new follower. ; )


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