just a couple of pictures...

first, the completed flimsy from the freebie christmas pattern i posted yesterday. the inner border is 2" finished and the outer border finishes at 6". i plan on using a bright fushica pink and tangerine orange pieced binding. i have no idea what i'll do for the backing. i'm thinking i might use a sheet...they come in fun colors and a queen cotton sheet at my local chain store is only $11.

this flimsy bashed approximately 9 yards from my stash....didn't even make a dent!

and i haven't posted a picture of barney in a while

i love those little piggie ears!

lucky hates having his picture taken, so this is rare. if i get the camera out, he quickly disappears from the room. i think he looks very worried and concerned...i think he's waiting for me to turn my head so he can run.


  1. Love the quilt and love the dogs!!!

  2. bertiequiltsDecember 05, 2010

    got 3 blocks made for my Block Head quilt, only 53 more to do... mine is going to look different from yours as I am going to try not to use very much batiks, mostly brights.


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