merry christmas y'all!

they're forecasting snow with accumulation for tomorrow *fingers crossed*

i finished quilting the quilt with the oh-so lovely batik backing i showed yesterday...i'm working on the binding, so i'll post monday...the kiddos are coming tomorrow, so it's just me and davis tonight...


  1. here in Columbia SC we ~might~ also get some snow - would that just not be too awesome?

    I am churning out doggie totes - thank you again for that tut

    Merry Christmas !

  2. I hope that you had a blessed Christmas.

  3. What a fabulous Christmas card, it has potential for quilt written all over it! HOpe you had a lovely holiday and the snow looks so puffy!!!

  4. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    Just saw this message and love the photograph here. Would it be ok if I made a quilt inspired by this picture.

    warm regards


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