butterfly round robin

 remember back in july i went and hung out with dory and kristina in CA? remember the butterfly applique block i designed to teach dory hand applique? since kristina did it too, we decided to let the blocks be the center of a round robin between the three of us. we took pictures to blog about it. we traded alphabetically....

kristina, me, and dory

i mailed mine to dory...and i recieved kristinia's first.

i added a subtle curved piced border because i thought the applique was subtle.

 since i put the last border on dory's, i know what her's looks like, but i haven't seen kristina's finished quilt, so i'm looking forward to her blog post...

then i received dory's. kristina got dory's first, so i put the last border on it.

i orginally had an idea for the border, but half way thru it, i didn't like it and ripped it off. plus i had a better idea.

i helped kill a rattlesnake at dory's, so i designed a rattlesnake looking border. hey- gotta memorilize the deed somehow :)

and here's mine!  dory put the first border on, then kristina finished with the last one.

now i have a quillt that i will look at and remember my time hanging in the yurt with the girls!!

i will link to their blogs as they post about theirs...

kristinia posted about her's here and read about dory's here

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  1. So cute! I love how they all look so different, even though they have the same centre block. Well done, all!


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