toady i was on the receiving end of an Act of Random Kindness and i felt the blessing of the season!

davis and i stoped at Steak & Shake for a quick lunch and across the aisle was an older couple. the lady had the most unique Santa Claus necklace. i caught her attention and mentioned that i liked her necklace and she told me (proudly) that her husband had made it....he had handcarved it!

we continued to chit chat and she mentioned the big chicken and i mentioned that i went to a quilt shop close to the big chicken...you know....

so we get up to leave and she asks if i'm in a hurry...i say no and she mentions that her husband has gone out to the car to get me something...?
so, he comes back carrying a small plastic bag....

oh my cutie pie goodness! my very own hand carved santa....the thimble is my grandmother's thimble for scale...he will live in my thimble cabinet.

thank you mr. ransom! you have no idea how tickled i am! you made my day!

he doesn't have a website to share...if you want, i have his contact info.

Christmas is a necessity.
There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves. ~Eric Sevareid


  1. Oh how beautiful-thanks for sharing-a great Christmas story.

  2. what a special day and special gift....

  3. That is such a wonderful story, Shannon. Makes me really proud of the human race! That little fellow is soooo cute...I could never in a million years imagine handcarving something so tiny!



  4. I love this little Santa! I want one! Do you think he would make one if I offered to pay for it? I think they are fabulous!

  5. you are so lucky...what a great day. i hope you gave him a hug. that is just too stinkin' cute. shirley

  6. Love it! Send me his contact info. Does he do other work?

  7. In the 1990's I collected Santa Claus's and Mr. Ransom was a well know wood carver. I have several of his reproductions. I think he even has published a carving book but I may be wrong on this. So you probably have a very special woodcarving.

  8. I love it...would you please send me Mr. Ransom contact info.
    What a keepsake and what a neat story.


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