views from this weekend

this weekend davis and I went hunting. he built a new stand in the cutover (pines planted for paper/pulp purposes) and i hunted there....i love hunting in there. the deer feel safe and it's so quite.

i saw five different deer, but only got pictures of two.
this is a little doe. she was a riot to watch. she caught a scent of something she didn't like and was throwing a fit....

(valerie- this is what they look like :) )

and this little guy, i think he is her brother. they were too comfortable being close to each other to not be related. he just stood there watching his sister throw her fit...

they are what we call 'last year's deer' (one and 1/2 year old) . they are too little to shoot.  if you look between his ears you can see his 'antlers' (click on the picture, then click the back button to come back here)...he's called a spike because they are pretty straight and, well, look like spikes. when referring to the antlers of a whitetail buck , you count the points...a trophy is judged by three things: the number of points, the mass of the antler (how thick they are), and the spread (width)...


  1. wish I were there, love to watch the deer, Dad has a hunting camp way up in the north east kindom and always spent lots of time up there, now the moose come and watch us when we are there, and the wild turkeys are so funny to watch.
    have a nice day

  2. oh how fun! At least I can see a deer coming here to your blog!! Thanks. I sat for 4 hours on a little stool watching and waiting. Nothing. Maybe tomorrow. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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