lotsa quilts

i returned lots of quilts to their piecers this weekend....sit, back, and relax. here we go: (remember you can click on the photo for a larger picture, then click the 'back' button on your browser to come back here)
first carolyn's emerald quilt. made from tons of sq-n-sq units and batiks. it was a big one, 104" square

i E2Eed it with my swirly design

then Pam's two. this one is called Teacher's Pet

i just did my 'thang' on it...this was a fun one to quilt

Pam's other one, Fickle Pickle....i just LOVED this one!

i had fun with it too!

detail of the back

pat's under water panel quilt with cute pieced turtles

i did a watery-swirly-E2E

joyce's chritmas sampler. it's a wall hanging

it had lots of space for creative quilting!

back detail

last but not least, jean anne's pinapple quilt. this will appear soon in a magazine! 

i have been a busy bee- now back to work!

have a happy thanksgiving! i'll see you later next week!

hey- all those pictures and blogger didn't hiccup once! yay


  1. lovely as always
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting.

  3. bertiequiltsNovember 23, 2010

    really love the fickle pickle quilt...have a great holiday... hope you get a trophy... me - I am going shopping on black friday for the very first time... fun, fun


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