quilters have always up-cycled

my granny told me stories about sending pap-paw to the feed store with scraps of feed sacks so he could get her more of the matching sack when he bought the feed to make more clothes and quilts.

today with society being more aware of the environment and trying to be more 'green'  i kindda chuckle....quilters have been recycling for years! we are always coming up with creative sources for fabric. (i've even made totes from dog food bags!)

i've quilted memoryquilts made from recycled kid's clothes, and let's not forget the ever popular t-shirt quilt.

tracey was no different- look at her sister's choice quilt made from scrubs...

i loved the solid black background and was ever so pleased when she mentioned she wanted feathers quilted there...

this past weekend, davis and i took barney to Bass Pro Shop to fit him for a hunter-safety orange harness and collar (he's in training to track deer). he went crazy over the fish swimming by in the big aquarium they have. he had a little crowd watching him try to figure out how to get them...


  1. Which Bass Pro Shop? I think I might like to stop by!

  2. Your dog is so cute looking at those fish! So are you almost ready for hunting? I am going to try the crossbow in the morning. I don't know if I can do it but I hope so. That quilt is absolutely beautiful. When my daughter has yard sales I usually go through her childrens clothes and find great fabric.

  3. Absolutely! everything is always used up.. even all the icky old double knits... ;-)


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