testing, testing....

i apologize for my blogging absence. i've been pretty sick since friday. it did have one fun highlight- i spend all day sunday in bed with johnny depp and orlando bloom. the sci-fy channel ran all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies back to back TWICE! who says being sick is all that bad....

i was reading Cindy's blog, Hyacinth Quilt Design, and saw this post where she created a block that was inspired by a pillow on the cover of Martha Stewart's 'Living' magazine.
i immediately fell in love with the block and visions of quilts began to dance in my head. i started looking through my stash (remember i'm bashing that stash) and found these fabrics. it was a fat quarter pack i bought from Intown Quilters ages ago with a few of 'orphans' i've thrown in. i'm going to pair them with Kona Cotton Charcoal for my quilt. i'm going to use the 15" block measurements.

so here's my first 'test' block.......take a minute to savor the quilt-y goodness....

fabric therapy is way better than chicken noodle soup.

she needs a name for the block and i'd like to throw 'garden gate block' into the pile.

stay tuned.....

(i'm feeling much better....)


  1. bertiequiltsJuly 07, 2010

    it looks like it is going to be interesting....will you be using sashing between the blocks or just put the blocks together...I think just putting the blocks together without sashing will create something extra neat

  2. I am glad you are feeling better - hope to see you soon. Love the block and the fabrics!

  3. didn't you just email me about this? i think i would sash them with the gray in the same width as the gray is in the block!

  4. I am sorry that you have been ill but glad a little fabric therapy has made you perk up some. That is an adorable quilt and those fabrics are going to be perfect!

  5. I love your block! I almost tried one with the Kona charcoal. I also love the name you came up with - me, gardens and quilt blocks - we all hang together. Thanks !!!

  6. I wondered where you were. Thought you might have been off teaching somewhere. I love that block--garden gate is a great name for it. are you going to post instructions?


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