temperate perspective

they don't call it hot-lanta for nothing. i'm not one to complain about the weather. it's summer it's suppose to be hot...and it's cold in the winter. that is an expected fact.....they only solstice i have is that we still have july and august to look forward to.   *unenthusiastic clapping*

so i dug these out to remind me that back in febuary i was so looking forward to these tempertatures....

that's right, barney thought he had to eat it all.....it was funny to watch him try. he soon gave up.....

crap- it didn't work....i'm still all sweaty....*sorry* women don't sweat....we glisten :)


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    Shannon, I'll trade...it is close to noon in Colorado and only 68. I could use a little heat wave!

  2. I'm just back home in Iowa from three weeks in Tampa, so I hear ya, girlfriend! Home feels good today:82F and windy.

  3. I had 2 customers cancel their appointments today because of the heat here in AZ. July is usually the only month of the year that business drops here due to the heat/weather, LOL Hang in there Shannon I have a feeling winter will be back sooner than you think.


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