saturday morning at the lake

e live 9 miles from lake altoona. we went yesterday morning...
davis caught a fish (little spotted bass) actually he caught two, but he threw the first one back in before i could take the picture...

i caught a fish (spotted bass again) i actually caught two. i caught a white bass and right when it got to the boat he shook the hook free.....and i have accomplished something davis hasn't ever done (which is quite the achievement and a total free for all bragging rights) the white bass- i caught it on a spoon jig. davis was impressed, he's never caught a fish on a spoon jig....never!

i have....
then i just took some pretty pictures....but they don't really do justice. you can not take a picture of a sunrise over a just can' least not with a $100 dollar digital camera *grin*

i like how the clouds mimic the surface of the water.

here's the sun peeking out from behind the clouds....

usually when we go the lake is 'muddy', it was clear and the prettiest shade of green....

i'm not a 'morning person', so i want this printed out so i can frame it and hang it above the bed.....*giggle*

then we took the kiddos to get their vaccinations. that's always 'fun'


  1. Looks like you two had a beautiful, fun day! Being a Louisiana girl, I love to fish. Since I've been living in Ohio, I really don't get to go very often at all! I miss that!

    Congrats on catching your bass on the spoon jig! My best catch ever was a 10 lb. catfish caught on a piece of Ivory soap - no lie!!!



  2. Beautiful day on the lake. I love those relaxing days...Looks like good times.


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