what's black, white, and yellow?

 it's not a zebra with jaundice....silly

it's jeannie's quilt. she bought all the fabrics during the shop hop- i even bumped into her and gave my opinion on the backing fabric.

we referred to it as the taxi quilt, but i have a better idea:

there once was a canary yellow
who thought himself a damper fellow

but he was spied by the cat

who is now noticeably fat

who thought he tasted rather mellow...

like i said- it doesn't take much to entertain me....
i like jeannie...she doesn't mind the thread color showing on the back....


  1. luv the quilt and the quilting-front and back!

    ....I though it might be a jaundiced skunk!

  2. That little pop of yellow just makes the quilt...those cats are adorable.

  3. Lovely fabric, love the quilting showing on the back.Beautiful quilt!


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