my first non-hosting 'online' swap

Jennifer is hosting a 'Modify Tradition" swap over on her blog. i read the 'rules' this morning just after she posted, and thought about it all day...then i decided that i had thought about it enuf, so i joined.

i'm excited and looking forward to 'playing' and hope whoever i am paired up with likes what i do....

you could join and play too?.....maybe we'll get partnered up.....


  1. yeah, and for experience level you put, "my quilt will kick your quilt's a**"
    sorry, when i read the entry questionaire i just had to laugh at that one..

  2. Wow...could be fun. And since I'm retired now.....

  3. I am curious about it...but not enough time with all that is on my plate! Let me know how it goes!


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