i quilted, but i didn't wilt...

yesterday i went to Tiny Stitches for their weekly friday "quilt til you wilt" they open up their classroom and you can go from 9:30 til 8:00 and work on what ever you like....the monogram tote teresa gave me from last post had it's moment in the spotlight. everyone thought it was very cool and wanted to know where i got it (thanks again teresa)...i carried all my 'supplies' in it: thread, scissors, chocolate, pincushion, etc...

it was nice to get out of the house..my featherweight was very excited to get out too...

i took my "weedwacker" (which i have renamed "buzzsaw") pieces and was quite productive. i got all my strips sewn into pairs, marked all the flip and sew triangles (including the other line to save for a small 'doggie bag' quilt), and got alot of the triangles sewn to before mentioned strip pairs.

i signed up for the may 28th STYW and plan to only work on buzzsaw there...

while there, joyce gave me my feathered star she pieced for me. this is a block i admire, but wouldn't attempt. (remember this quilt down towards the end of the post. yup it's joyce that pieced that tinny tiny feather star.) so a compromise was reached: she'd piece it for me (with my fabric choices) and i would LA her retreat quilt at a good price! win win for both of us....she did an excellent job! thank you joyce!

so what am i gonna do with this uber perfectly pieced star? well, i'm setting it on point and using it in a medallion center for my BOM blocks from T.S. from 2009....now i have to decide on a sashing color....i'm leaning towards a purple as to not distract from the blocks or the star....

i also need to decide if i'm going to set the feathered star in black or a color....or design a block.....or add some applique....

*sigh* i'm really loving this quilt....


  1. That is an awwesome star!!

  2. I'm really loving that quilt too!
    I have only once pieced a feathered star like that...and yes they are tricky..clever you for finding a 'stunt piecer'.

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland!

  3. really beautiful feathered star-will be a jaw-dropper quilt, decide, decide I can't wait to see it done! (no pressure, of course!)

  4. The star quilt is going to be fabulous!

  5. Really beautiful blocks, lovely blue monogram tote!


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