after some deep soul searching and really thinking about it, i have decided to stop machine quilting. the trip to NY  showed me that this is not something i want to do for the rest of my life. i want something more...i have decided to join the local traveling carnival and pursue my passion to become a tattooed lady side show freak.

by the way, Happy April fool's day! *wink* i'll post later about what i've been up to during the last week.....including the winner of lucy's caption contest.  i've missed ya!


  1. I'm guessing Shannon finished her BOM quilt!

  2. I'm glad you are back!!
    Hope the teaching went GRRRREATTT!!!
    I've missed your back to quilting--HeeHee

  3. very funny....been wondering how NY went, you've been missed :)

  4. bertiequiltsApril 01, 2010

    Sorry but you cant quit machine quilting until AFTER the next quilt that I will be sending you soon...It is going to be easy peasy promise but will also let you have a little fun with it. Have certainly missed your blog updates...kept checking and Shannon bits

  5. And here I thought you were going to share a new tattoo you'd gotten in NY!!!

  6. You had me worried there for a brief moment, I thought maybe the change in air pressure or the long wait/delays in the airport on your way out to NY affected your brain cells!, LOL
    Too much talent that would go to waste if you ever did hang up your rulers.


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