spring in my step

it's spring whether the memo made it to mother nature or not. thought i'd share the signs from my backyard.

the daffoils are a little saggy due to the cold snap. they'll look up and smile again when the sun pops out to shine down......

then there's these which smell really good, and i can't remember the proper name...aren't they paperwhites?

and we welcome a new life into the world. i actually found the missing circle a couple feet away. barney tried to eat it *yuck* it's the size of a robin's egg so i think it's a mourning dove's egg (i couldn't help to think how many it would take to make a descent omelet....)

today i'm working on getting my BOM quilt top finished. i want to use it in my design class up in NY this weekend. so i'll take lots of pictures and i promise a great post when i get back.

type to ya later!


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