so rememeber how in my pillowcase tute i complained mentioned that i didn't have a serger....


michelle read it and offered a trade which i jumped all over like white on rice. she has a quilt she needed quilted...well, what do you know? i quilt tops that needed quilting! ....she also had a serger she no longer used.....hey i need a serger....

so check it out! ain't it so cute....it's so tiny...and it works like a dream (my first bernina! don't tell the singers)

sweet dreams sweet pea!

i've already test drove it....i made me some new pillowcases...now to make those valentine pillowcases i've had fabric for forever!

check out that polka dot fabric! isn't it the best trim for the pea pods....and i had the basket weave in my stash...it's the little things that make my heart flutter...

thanks michelle....

lucky told me that he feels depressed because barney's caption contest got 34 comments and he only has 19....i tried to explain, but he dropped his ears and sadly walked down the hall to bed....i tell you it was enough to break your heart.... Lucky's caption contest ends sunday ( i bought a new little zippered pouch pattern and i'm itching to make one)....so jump over there and see if we can perk him up.... 


  1. That is wonderful, I just know you will enjoy your serger and nothing like bartering for things either!!

  2. I love the pea pod fabric. Sleeping on those pillow cases should be fun. Glad you traded quilting for a serger. Sounds like a win-win for both of you. ;0)

  3. Yay! Michelle!
    Yay! Shannon! I am so glad you finally got a serger.
    Yay! Bernina!
    You are going to love it forever--it does so many fun things. Your pillowcases are wonderful. And don't they go together so fast with that serger?


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