i have THE 'notion'

i got a new toy today! this is IMHO a must have for quilters that take classes! and just in time for christmas! seriously- every wonder what to get a quilter that has everything?....besides more fabric....i bet they don't have this...

so my iron died on thanksgiving, so i had to buy a new one...and this was 'advertised' on the inside flap of the box....i'm such a guinea pig for you guys! see how dedicated i am to my readers...

it's a hot iron storage box. yup, you read that right HOT iron storage. you can put a hot iron in it and it won't burn anything. it will hold any full sized iron it has an adjustable 'nose' piece (it is no longer required that quilters have the scorch burn in the shape of an iron on the upholstery of their car's trunk... :) )

i tested it with mine and it really does work (honest surprise)....your iron 'sits' on little silicon feet (see the red at the nose of my iron)...the plastic doesn't get hot either..it gets lukewarm, but not hot.....it even has a place for the cord so it won't melt...my new iron has a retractable cord so i don't have to worry with that..

here is my iron in it all closed up. there is foam that snugly fits across the hand grip of your iron...

it even has a comfortable carrying handle...no more having to worry about what to do with your iron after a class! just pop it in it's box and go home...someone somewhere is just too smart....or maybe a woman who works at sunbeam is a quilter and went to product development and said, "hey you guys, this weekend i went to a quiting class and now i have this iron shaped burn on the carpet of my trunk....think you could make something to prevent that???" and wha-la....

hey us quilters have to stick together...i would expect you to tell me if you found a really cool gadet!


  1. Well dang !! How cool is that ! Glenda

  2. Sounds delightful. I want one. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Yes, it definately a IMHO!
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  4. I'm thinkin' that's pretty cool....now where is my Santa list.


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