i died today and went to heaven....

will i didn't medically die...but close enough....

i quilted a short day and rewarded myself (i'm quilting my last client christmas quilt) and i took a fabric field trip....i decided that i needed to bulk up my kaffe fasset stash so you know what that meant:


i wanted some more variety for my blog BOM, so a trip to one of my favorite quilt shops Intown Quilters in decatur, GA....now let me tell you how dedicated i am. it was pouring rain today....i bet you're like, "rain? huh? what does that have to do with the price of rice in china?" well, i had to get on 285 (lovingly referred locally to as "the perimeter")...in the rain....my fellow ATLians don't know how to drive in the pouring rain....so i risked life and limb to buy fabric...it was SO worth it....

here's my recission stimulus  purchase.....she's having a pre-cut fat quarter sale- so i bought 30....(the store needs a new roof) don't they look like little rectangle shaped jelly beans....it's been so llloooonnnnnnggggg since i bought fabric (i've been VERY good)  i forgot that 'new fabric' smell....:)

i bought some yardage too. i needed some dark purple and more yellow/oranges to build my fasset stash to include all the colors of the rainbow equally....i just die over the daffodils! it is an often ignored flower in fabric designs....shame...

i picked up mary lou's book (i want to branch out creativily in my piecing/applique next year and need some pushing) along with the cutest turtle pincushion pattern from heather bailey (all together now : "OOOHHH how cute!")...i was thinking christmas presents for some lucky quilty friends!

if your travels ever bring you close to atlanta you have to plan a visit....sarah has all westminster fabric....tons of batiks....oh and she also has some heather ross fabrics (the princess and the pea as well as the pink unicorns, plus a couple others) she also has a growing zakka department as well...has some very inspiring fiber art eye candy...a total contemporary fun funky store....

here's the store link....she also has a blog and is doing a great first giveaway....i told her i'd do my part to get the word out....it is truly worth the click of your mouse to go have a gander...tell her i sent ya!

(oh here's a funny antidote: remember the post about my truck when i got bored at the hunting club...well, it rained this past weekend so davis's truck was Nasty, so i drove his truck today....now it's nice and clean...except the rims, he'll have to clean them by hand....i just wanted to share a small redneck part of our lives....driving in the pouring rain to clean the mud off the truck....don't laugh- it's the easiest way to clean clay from the under carriage)


  1. I am so jealous. I have not been to Intown since Matt graduated from GT in 2007. I love that store!

  2. bertiequiltsDecember 02, 2009

    I also love Intown but I dont get there very often. They do have a lot of nice stuff.


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