photos of the critters

this weekend was very productive....for photos, not filling the freezer. *sigh*

first this little guy. this is an eastern screech owl. he's only the size on your hand, like if you had you hand up to signal someone to stop- that's how big he was....such a cutie. i wanted to bring him home and call him 'squirt'.

then i saw that doe and her two little ones again. this weekend the deer were much more cooperative and seemed to pose for pictures. (Actually it was windy, so they were all nervous. they'd take a few steps and stop and look around....easy to take pictures)

here's one little one...

and the other...(does this tree make my butt look big?)

then i saw the three point buck...he wasn't as pose-y as the girls were...

then this fox squirrel was running all around behind my blind. he decided that he would pose for me....look at the white on his squirrels are HUGE! a regular grey squirrel is about the size of a rat...a fox squirrel is as big as a ferret...turns out- they like to live in areas that have lots of long needled pine trees, so i counted the ones around my blind. i stopped at 25....he's sitting on one that fell over.

i hope you have enjoyed my pictures as much as i did sitting in the woods watching...wish my blind was big enough for everyone to come and sit's so peaceful out in the woods....except when the 'neighbor' decides to mow his yard at 5:00 saturday evening....*grr* til next weekend....

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