inner light from a lanier sunset

joan brought me this wall hanging she made for her son. this is an 'opposite' twin to one she made that i quilted pre-blog.....or did i blog it...i can't remember, so i'm posting it again....(they say the mind is the first to go)

i think she said he's going to hang it in his office. imagine how cool it would be if somehow i ended up in his office...i could freak him out big time...pretend i was psychic or your mother's name joan? etc...sorry, moving on.....(i hope he's not a defense lawyer or a parole officer....)

i like how the green inner border turned out....i didn't ruler measure, i eyeballed measured...i like the organic feel that gives. i choose this design becasue it echoes the triangles in the piecing.

the 'preblog' one won best use of color at a michigian (?) quilt show. it isn't hard to see why...(don't tell anyone, but i like black background one best)


  1. I agree Shannon. The organic designs, the ones that don't look like a computer might have done it, are the best. They give the quilt more life.

    I like the black background too, it makes the colors pop.

    Your quilting design is lovely, it makes me think of a twist on a Greek Key design.

  2. I don't have much time today so was skimming through Blogs in One Place, and had to stop by your blog and take a look. This block is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love them much as I hate paper piecing...I might just have to look into getting this. Haven't ever seen it before, so will put it in the look out for pile in my brain.

    And as always...GREAT I needed to add that. :)


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