fairy tales do come true....

so the UPS truck stopped in front of my house today....i didn't order anything, wasn't expecting anything...

so this is the very pretty box, and it's kindda heavy..?....i immediately thought that it would make a great quilt...get your mind out of the stash shannon....

so i open the box....ENJOY...enjoy what???  the plot thickens!

oh my holy rusted metal batman! BROWNIES!....my second favorite food! (french fries are first) no cereal for breakfast for me....i see the walnut ones disappearing first...and no, i'm not telling davis....my name was on the box...not his :)

thank you silly dory fish! smoochies....and yes- i'll bet they are much better than fudge rounds...


  1. Yippee...you got em!!! Enjoy. I'm just sorry you'll not be having a lovely cup of coffee with them.

  2. no- i was thinking about a big ice cold glass of milk!!

  3. What a lucky girl you are and what a nice gift. Yum!

  4. Ok I'm jealous......I would have had hot tea with mine....

  5. They look heavenly and I'll bet they taste as good as they look. You are a Lucky Lady.


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