blue and brown sampler

this quilt was a LQS's BOM. i plan on making a quilt similar to this. i've been collecting browns and dusty blues/turquoises for a while now..i'm pretty sure i have enough to make one now...or two...or three....a girl can never have enough fabric...i just love that dusty turq and brown color scheme...

all was well and went good...except that the blocks finish at 15 inches and the railfence sashing is 6" wide (2" finished railfences). so, you ask, what's the big deal?....well, 15 is not evenly divisible by 2, or by coming up with a motif to quilt in that sashing made me put my thinking cap on (picture Pooh in his thoughtful spot: think,think,think) 15 is evenly divisible by 3!!! wa-lah...i like to think of it as pin ball quilting- just bouce around filling the spaces til you get back to where you need to be....

i also wasn't the first LAer to quilt this quilt...that's why i'm not naming names. it was quilted with a computerized E2E that (IMHO) should not be quilted wider than 10"-12" was quilted at 18" wide...a bit too big leaving large (like 4"-6") of unquilted areas...but i do tend to be partial to 'dense' quilting...*shrug*

i had fun with this quilt! i really really like quilting samplers!! i don't get bored quilting the same motif over and over. plus i love the challenge of having to come up with a different designs per block, but keeping them all similar...

pretty pretty pretty...


  1. Very Pretty! Love the colors, and the quiltign you added in the sashing area is great to! Would you mind if i borrow the design?!

  2. hiya elizabeth!

    of course you can use the design...thanks for asking! i turned it loose on the internet...i no longer have conrol of it :) i wouldn't of posted it if i didn't want you to be inspired by it- please - i would be honored if your used it!

    thanks for stopping by the blog! don't be a stranger!

  3. ooh ooh, i'm designing a brown/tan/cream & turquoise sampler! even pulled out the old trusty eq5 to help me do the math.. it's for an online quilting bee so it'll end up a sampler of sorts too.
    i love the quilting you did on the railfence. very creative..


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