karen's BOM

here's the quilt i finished today. it belongs to karen. it might look familiar. i did the same quilt for davis's mom for christmas...only i used my fabric and didn't use their sashing design.

anyway- i liked the way it turned out! i was alittle uncertain with what to do with the sashing...it wasn't talking...but i did my 'thang' and it came out beautiful!

i customed most of the blocks...i used a lot of pam clark "design with lines" inspried motifs...also, i didn't over think the design, just trusted my gut and let my 'instinctual' sense kick in....

this is my favorite block. those rectangles weren't working for me, so i marked a triangle in them (think a flying goose) using chalk and quilted it that way...i might explore this solution more often. i think it adds a surprise to the quilting....it's unexpected and different.


  1. OK, I'm loving that variation on CC in those last 2 blocks. Clever. BOMs can cut off the creative process but not on this one. Great job.

  2. I'm loving it, Shannon! I keep seeing something new everytime I look at the blocks. I bound it on the way to SD and its ready for use now. Thanks a bunch!!! It is beeuuteeful.


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