basket wall hanging

this little applique wall hanging belongs to sue. i had fun with it! i did whatever my little heart desired. it's very shabby sweet...

i also tried my hand at curved cross hatching (CH), which i learned i like tons better than straight line CH. like i told my friend dory (go read her blog about her yurt!) , i bought a LA so i could quilt curvy lines...i bought a stencil that has lines every 1/4" for marking, then i used my largest LA oval ruler to quilt the lines...nice and easy lemon pleasy! perfect for the's the little details that 'make' a quilt...

and of course, feathers....what's a sweet little appliqued basket quilt with out feathers...heck,who am i kidding!? i'll feather anything if it sits still long enough! :)


  1. Shannon, you did a great job. It is beautiful

  2. Cute indeed.....anything with roses is a good fabric with red roses is a must.

    Very very cute, and when you get tired of it...send it to me....LOL

  3. I love that little wall hanging. And your curved XH is so perfect on that basket.


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