crazy cat!

what is it with lucy and boxes....i ordered a ruler for my long arm and it came today. i swear i didn't have it out of the box, put the box on the floor, turned around twice, and lucy's already claimed it as a bed. she also spends hours rubbing against all the corners of the flaps...

does anybody else's cats do this with boxes? better yet- does anybody's cat have any crazy quirks?


  1. LOL I guess every silly cats on the earth loves boxes.
    I have made a box with just batting - just for her - its now her favorite place to sleep.

  2. Why she's just inspecting your box, and giving it her approval! It looks like she's doing a great job!!

    I live with Box Inspectors #2 and #28, who are constantly checking out every box, bag and piece of luggage that comes in the house!

    I wouldn't be able to use them if the Inspectors didn't approve!

  3. Disco is in any box, bag or on top of a new quilt. He claims it all. I even made him a quilt but when the next quilt showed he upgraded to it and keeps upgrading.


  4. Yes! Only mine choose boxes that are too small for their sizes!


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