chistmas pickle

i have a list of quilts that i wish i could keep. this one would make the top 5. this would also qualify for the i'll-never-make-this-quilt, so it was nice that someone else did and let me quilt it. that someone was pam. it is called christmas pickle, and i think, it was in a possibilities book....pam also brought me 8 (yes i said 8) wallhangings, but i'll put those in a separate post. i'm gonna be lazy about uploading all those pictures

look closely at her colors choices..fantastic....every shade of green imaginable, plus some more blue-greens! great color use!! pretty pretty pretty

i absolutely love how the quilting turned out in the ny beauty blocks!!! i used 'emerald' in the piecing and the inner border, then switched to a subtle red variegated in the border. speaking of the border- i'm loving it. as rachael zoe says "i die" this is quite certainly my favorite border motif...pam really liked the circles in the little red strips of the ny beauty blocks....i do to....heck i love it all.... it should be illegal to have this much fun quilting a quilt :)

and of course i have to show you the back! the ny beauty blocks look like flowers on the back...*sigh* i have fallen and hard! i love my job...i couldn't imagine not's just something in me that hasta come out...ya know?

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