rain rain go AWAY!

davis has a little saying he says: win yur skert, say yur skert. (translation: when you're scared, say you're scared)

well, i'm skert. and getting nervous...
if you've watched the news, the southeast is getting TONS of rain! last night my area got 10-12 inches- overnight! my machine is in the basement, and we live on the edge of a flood plain. the little itty bitty wet weather creek (and i mean little- a better description would be the trickle creek) in the field behind the house banked yesterday and i'm close to lake front property.

i have no phone and with the thunder and lightening, i don't dare turn on Nemo. oh, speaking of thunder: it's not like you get a clap and a minute or two later you get another. NOPE- it's a constant rumble....constant. you know the ones that makes the house vibrate. that starts messing with your head...and adding fuel to the nervousness fire

lucky's a mess. i had to give him a puppy prozac (i'm thinking i might try one). he hates storms and we've had one for a solid week now. i looked at the weather channels site- it's going to do this for the remainer of this week...*sarcasm* yah!

it's funny how atlanta is getting weird weather lately....last year the severe drought, now all this rain. let's not forget the tornado that went through downtown recently...i hate to think about this winter....*knock on wood* no blizzards please! *sigh* it raining so hard, it pushed the spouts off the gutters....

it hasn't been this bad since hurricane dennis moved though...i'd almost say this is worse. see, i didn't have nemo sitting in the basement then....if you could see me you'd wonder if i'd flipped my lid. i'm running around the sewing room checking the carpet around the edges of the room. i'm ready to start carrying stuff upstairs if i feel even the slightest dampness...i have a mental list of what goes first...hey, all's not lost. davis got the boat back this weekend...*grin*

i'm going to try to relax with some fabric therapy-i might try to piece the log cabin blocks for my fall block swap.


  1. I've been watyching the news and saw the flooding. Stay safe. We could sure use some of that rain with Santa Ana winds on the way.


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