i love EQ

here's a sweet little sawtooth star block with a heart in the center. i don't have the time right now (i know, i shouldn't of posted it then, but what guarantees do i have that you'd come back :) ) but i'll post later with the cutting dimensions. i could see this done in SOoo many color ways....

but i was thinking this weekend...since i like designing blocks, i was wondering if it would be cool to do an online blogged BOM....i'll design the blocks and layout and once a month (on a regular day) i'll post the block and directions...i dunno- it sounded cool....i was thinking 10" blocks, as a challenge to me...whatcha think?


  1. bertiequiltsAugust 10, 2009

    I love BOM's so I will join in but do you think that you could design the block so that we/I could increase or decrease the size of the blocks? That would be even more of a challenge. I really do like this sawtooth star block with the heart. So many possibilities for this block.

  2. I like the heart block, and I'm game for a BOM. My friend uses EQ all the time, I just don't have time to learn it so I appreciate that you are willing to creating the blocks for me. Hope we won't need lots of weird rulers to make em.


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