guess what....!?

guess what this means!!? *knock on wood, fingers crossed* i worked on nemo all this morning and this is my practice stitch out....i think i got it.....oh, i SO SO hope so. i'm having LA withdrawls..

i love the white thread on black, makes the feathers look so's SO much easier to traceback when you can see where you're going :)


  1. Very nice feathers Shannon. Question: do you mark or stitch in a stem as you go along? In sections of the quilt? More detail as to how you did the stems. thanks

  2. Love your doggy bag tote.... makes me wish I had a dog to feed! And that black gorgeous.

  3. angie- i stitch out my spine first which is just a large (4"-6" apart) meander across the entire width of the quilt, and knot. then i come back to the beginning and quilt one side of the spine with feathers across the quilt and knot. then come back a third time to finish quilting the feathers. i like this way of quilting feathers because it keeps the spine 'clean'. some techniques for quilting feathers has you backtracking on the spine alot and it makes the spine 'thready' which i feel draws the eye away from the feathers...but as they say- that's just my opinion...


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