taking out the math #3

here is a chart that will tell you how many stitches per inch (SPI) you get if your domestic sewing machine is metric. but if you want a true representation of exactly how many SPI your machine does, take a strip of fabric and mark it in inch increments and set your machine at different lengths and stitch for a inch. then count how many you're getting, mark that on your fabric as well as what stitch length setting you used for that inch. keep that close to your machine and you'll always have a record of your SPI.

when i piece, i use 11-12 stitches per inches. if you are sewing thru paper and it will be removed, i recommend 15-18 SPI (or higher depending on the weight of the paper) to make removing the paper easier. do a small test with the paper to be absolutely sure it's the results you want.

millimeters/ stitches per inch
.5 / 50
.1 / 25
1.5 / 16
2 / 12
2.5 / 10
3 / 8
3.5 / 7
4 / 6
4.5- 5 / 5

happy stitchin'

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